Introducing “Field Notes”
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“Wow, what a change in our world over the last few months!”
Ron van der Veen, link to more information
In talking to so many of the higher education institutions that we serve around the country, this seems to be a pretty precise sentiment from all of you in response to COVID-19.
As summer 2020 approached, NAC’s collegiate practice began brainstorming how we might serve our colleagues in preparing for the coming year. We learned that several national higher education associations were being very proactive in creating their own blueprints. Instead of reinventing the proverbial pandemic wheel, we thought we could add value as a sounding board for best practices and a way for all of you to see how different campuses are grappling with a wide variety of pandemic challenges. Over the next several weeks, our “Field Notes” will carry messages from a range of specialists whose insights will help guide decisions about learning and living safely. We will encourage your hard work, inspire you, and give you some practical ideas for heading into the fall and beyond. Please contact us for any questions we might answer, ideas you’d like to discuss, or issues we could tackle together.
We appreciate your dedicated and challenging service to your institutions. Stay safe and well.
Ron van der Veen, FAIA, LEED AP