By engaging with communities, we create places that advance learning, enhance wellness and enrich lives.
We accomplish this through: an inclusive design approach, deep knowledge, creativity and innovation, relentlessly pursuing excellence, and a process that is rewarding for each participant.
From making sure that kindergartners get to the school cafeteria easily to rethinking the way physicians and patients interact within healthcare environments, discovering the best combination of functionality and beauty is what motivates our architects to create engaging spaces that work for the greater good.
“One of Us” is our term for the 360-degree interrelationship among those with whom we work, whether it be client, consultant, peer or community. Through our work, each of these participants becomes a part of NAC Architecture, and fulfillment of our mission means being part of them through listening, learning and leading.
NAC Architecture is an award-winning architectural and consulting firm, with over 140 professionals and a track record spanning more than half a century. We are thought leaders, yet our legacy of listening, learning and leading remains constant. Ultimately, it's our passion for the human touch in the design process and our ability to cut through the clutter that set us apart. Helping your team achieve your objectives, surpass community expectations and minimize environmental impacts is what gives us true satisfaction.
Creating great places ... listening, learning, leading
Leadership through Collaboration
Through participatory leadership that values each person’s contribution, we seek and achieve results that represent the highest shared ideals of everyone affected by our actions. Our passionate concerns for each individual (on our team, with our client, in our community) in his/her advancement toward self-actualization through our interrelationship bring genuine commitment to the projects’ success. We weave together strong, responsive individuals into a collaborative team built on mutual trust and enthused in making the accomplishment of the project an awesome experience. Shared ownership with the client of the project vision, programmatic advocacy, and ultimate project success are demonstrated through listening, learning, and leading!
Comprehensive Perspective
In design and decision-making we employ evidence-based, multigenerational perspectives and sensitivity that recognize long-term implications on: environmental protection and regeneration; lifetime relationships with our clients and community; and life-cycle outcomes – a whole-life perspective. Organizational learning and the institutionalization of collective knowledge is built on lessons from the past (precedence, successes, failures) recognizing mistakes quickly and then proactively and responsibly addressing them, integrating the knowledge gained into our systems and processes. We manage performance relating to time/schedule, resources/budgets, and relationships/people in conjunction with the service and design that we deliver, pursuing perfection from the high level of organizing concept to meticulous attention to detail. We keep the end results in mind, taking the long view!
Creative and Innovative Thinking
Design excellence is an imperative and is demonstrated through persistently pursuing creative alternatives that resolve mutual exclusivity and overcome the default of compromise or concession by imbedding deep knowledge and wisdom in the creative decision-making process. Combining talent, intuitive wisdom and expertise built on broad experience with the insight of client and user, we bring uniquely insightful judgment to the process of creating great places!
Sustainable Design
Environmentally responsible design cannot be perceived as an option or purpose separate and disconnected from the general practice of architecture. It is simply the right thing to do. NAC Architecture embraces environmentally responsible design as being critical to our mission of achieving excellence in client service, design and program delivery. To that end, we are committed to proactive and informed leadership in the pursuit of environmentally responsible design solutions and sustainable practices!