Platinum Triangle Sports Park Conceptual Master Plan, City of Anaheim, California
Platinum Triangle Sports Park Conceptual Master Plan
City of Anaheim, California
Our team completed a Conceptual Master Plan as part of the 2008 California Park Development and Community Revitalization Program. We were asked to conceive of a compelling vision for 10 acres of reclaimed industrial land in an area of the city expecting future development.
Through a series of five community meetings, the need for sports facilities, and soccer fields in particular, became apparent. The industrial site was particularly attractive for this use due to the industrial neighbors. Without adjacent residential neighborhoods, the community envisioned a facility that operates longer hours into the evenings and nighttime without conflict.
Through our sessions with members of the community, we realized the importance of a family-friendly site. Parents complained of spending entire days at soccer fields with little else to do or ways to entertain young children. As a result, the spectator pavilion at the center of the site became the organizing element. The raised plinth provides shelter from the sun and allows visitors to watch multiple fields and a playground.
The fields are conceived as artificial turf with native, drought-tolerant landscaping on the periphery. The park is also designed to accommodate a future bicycle path intended to connect this site with the Platinum Triangle developments.