Blue State Digital Office Renovation, Los Angeles, California
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Blue State Digital Office Renovation
Los Angeles, California
When Blue State Digital needed a new office space to serve as their West Coast headquarters, they chose NAC to pioneer the design. The goal was to create a space that was as unique and bold as the organization it would house. The chosen location, the sixth floor of an historic Art Deco landmark which also houses the famed Wiltern Theatre, served as an ideal spot for a refreshed perspective on office life. The result of our process was a space that contrasted the raw and unfinished office shell with a bright, colorful and clean intervention. Whimsical lighting in the conference rooms and lounge area combined with bold, custom casework create a true sense of place. The small footprint is filled with light and configured to allow employees the flexibility to work in different settings, easily collaborate, or find a quiet corner for retrospection.