Echo Glen Children's Center Cottage Renovation, Snoqualmie, Washington
Echo Glen Children's Center Cottage Renovation
Snoqualmie, Washington
NAC Architecture provided pre-design and design services for the renovation of nine residential cottages for juvenile offenders. The implementation of the project consists of three separate phases. The second phase, currently under construction, provides residential, educational and recreational facilities for the mental health rehabilitation and intensive management programs. The primary objective of this phase is to define and develop maximum-security residential, educational and activity program space that provides a safe and secure environment for residents and staff. Through careful design and attention to sightlines, the safety and security within the cottages were improved and the efficiency of the floor area was maximized.
Major building systems were replaced to improve the quality of the indoor environment, increase energy efficiency, and enhance control of building and security systems. Finish materials were selected for durability, tamper resistance, and ease of maintenance with the goal of creating a residential aesthetic within the institutional character of the occupancy type. The project is designed to achieve LEED Silver certification with an emphasis on the indoor environmental quality to promote the comfort and well-being of the residents. The sustainable principles employed include reduced site disturbance, building reuse, optimized energy performance, optimized acoustical performance, daylighting of all occupied areas, views to nature, effective ventilation with increased use of fresh air, operable windows in supervised areas, minimized use of VOC-emitting materials and finishes, and control of indoor pollutants.