Edmonds Aquatic Feasibility Study, Edmonds, Washington
Edmonds Aquatic Feasibility Study
Edmonds, Washington
Yost Pool has been a popular amenity for the Edmonds, Washington, community for over 35 years. The pool is located in the beautiful natural setting of Yost Memorial Park, and many citizens have passionate memories of the pool. Although well-maintained, the facility and its mechanical systems are showing signs of deterioration. Knowing that Yost Pool is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, the City of Edmonds asked NAC Architecture to develop potential solutions to address the aquatic needs and desires of the community. Input from public meetings and a survey helped shape six different options, with Option 3 emerging as the best balance for the Edmonds community. Option 3 includes indoor lap and warm-water wellness pools and an outdoor recreation pool. This concept is sited at Yost Park at the location of the existing pool and is envisioned as a glass pavilion in the park. The natatorium is a transparent cube that provides uninterrupted views of the surrounding park from inside, almost as if one were swimming outdoors. During daylight hours, the transparent fa├žade will reflect images of the surrounding trees so the facility becomes nearly invisible for those enjoying the beautiful natural setting of Yost Park.