Spokane County Fair and Expo Arena, Spokane, Washington
Spokane County Fair and Expo Arena
Spokane, Washington
The 6,000-seat Spokane County Fair and Expo Arena celebrates the facility's premier annual event, the fall Fair and Rodeo, for which the arena's L-shaped configuration was conceived. The building's design also pays tribute to the region's agricultural heritage, with grain silos signifying the primary entries to the main exhibition hall and centrally located arena. With covered seating for 5,000 and a multipurpose floor surface, the facility is an ideal venue for a wide range of events. The lighting and public address system extends to the surrounding exhibition buildings for coordination of fair events. A bridge connecting the grandstands provides views into an enclosed multipurpose concessions garden below. The concessions garden opens onto an outdoor seating court through a series of glass doors and can be used separately from the grandstands - along with additional concession counters and public restrooms located beneath the seats - for fairground events. This built-in flexibility allows portions of the arena to become an integral part of all-day fair activities occurring along the main concourse.