Ferris High School Gymnasium, Health and Fitness Complex, Spokane Public Schools, Spokane, Washington
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Ferris High School Gymnasium, Health and Fitness Complex
Spokane Public Schools
Spokane, Washington
  • 2008 Citation of Excellence, Learning By Design
The Gymnasium, Health and Fitness Complex is the first phase of a two-phase redevelopment of the entire Ferris campus. Designed as an addition to Ferris High School, the 54,000-square-foot facility includes a new main-events gymnasium with a 1,775-spectator capacity on the main floor. The public lobby, spectator entrance, concessions, ticketing and restrooms are located at the northeast corner of the main gym. A 200-seat auxiliary gym is located adjacent to the main gym with the fitness center, weight room and multipurpose mat/wrestling room located on the east side of both gyms.
This gym provides a second fitness teaching station, as well as a competition venue for freshman/JV basketball and volleyball tournaments. Positioned for easy access and potential use by the public, a weight room and fitness room are provided on the east side of the gyms with access from the main lobby and spectator entry space. A multipurpose mat/wrestling room is located south of the weight and fitness rooms for easy student access to P.E. classes there, as well as convenient access to the main-events gym for wrestling matches. Locker rooms for boys and girls are located on the west side of the main gym.