Graham-Kapowsin High School, Bethel School District, Bethel, Washington
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Graham-Kapowsin High School
Bethel School District
Bethel, Washington
The form of this 180,000-square-foot building is Northwest in character, using a low, sloped roof with deep overhangs, exposed structural members, strong horizontal lines, and exploitation of the often limited natural light. This approach seemed fitting for the typically suburban and semi-rural character of the surrounding community. Bethel School District selected a learning model that places science in a department with three learning center "houses" for language arts, math, computer skills and social studies for 1,250 students in grades 10 through 12. All houses contain teachers' offices and a conference area, with center commons spaces for joint activities. Two circulation axes converge at the two-story community union space. The administration and counseling areas are circular forms at the focus of the circulation axes. The library is directly above and convenient to the houses. The building also contains a 400-seat auditorium and a 2,000-seat main gymnasium.