Highline Medical Center Cedar Wing Addition, Burien, Washington
Highline Medical Center Cedar Wing Addition
Burien, Washington
Highline Medical Center adopted the Planetree philosophy of care as the hospital was being designed. This philosophy provided a clear conceptual direction for the design team. The Planetree philosophy strives to humanize, personalize and demystify healthcare. Believing that a patient's environment, and the surrounding architecture, can play a significant role in the healing process, Highline Medical Center set out to create an environment that fosters a positive, supportive and healthful experience for both patients and families. Quiet and active family rooms encourage family participation in the caregiving and healing process. Interior finishes and materials are selected specifically to de-institutionalize the hospital interior, while still meeting the rigorous standard required in a healthcare setting. Built on a steeply sloping site, the building takes advantage of the grade to create a separate entrance for the Childbirth Center, while creating a central atrium and healing garden for the use of patients and their families.
2000 Top Ten Most Innovative Facilities in Healthcare Award, Center for Innovation in Health Facilities