Hamilton Indoor Recreation Center, Moscow, Idaho
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Hamilton Indoor Recreation Center
Moscow, Idaho
  • 2004 Special Mention, AIA Spokane
To create a gathering place devoted to the vitality and physical well-being of the community – that was the goal of the City of Moscow's Hamilton Indoor Recreation Center. The 21,000-SF facility, which is adjacent to the award-winning NAC Architecture-designed Hamilton-Lowe Aquatic Center, is the second component of this recreational complex. The indoor recreation center houses a multi-court gymnasium, multipurpose room, locker rooms, concession area and administrative offices. A flexible, multi-functional design allows the center to host a broad range of activities. A skewed glass box intersected by a masonry vestibule forms an inviting main entry lobby, which serves as an orientation space both from the site and within the building. Sloped roof forms similar to those of the aquatic center unify the two structures, creating a continuity of theme. The lower sloping roof is offset to gain natural light through clerestory windows and to create a dynamic design element. The double-sloped roof relates to the gabled roofs found in the surrounding residential neighborhood. The design, which provides for future expansion, realizes the community vision, creating a recreational complex for citizens of all skill and age levels.