House of Charity, Catholic Charities, Spokane, Washington
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House of Charity
Catholic Charities
Spokane, Washington
  • 2003 Award of Honor, AIA Northwest and Pacific Region
  • 2002 Award of Merit, AIA Spokane
  • 2002 Award of Merit, AIA Idaho
  • 2000 Commendation, AIA Seattle
The design of this sanctuary for homeless and low-income men and women was based on the conviction that the architectural environment influences the lives of the people it touches. A downtown urban core site acknowledges the location of those served. Exterior design consciously does not hide this population; instead, it fosters public awareness of their needs. In contrast to masonry tenements and industrial buildings, a residential texture and freshness lifts the spirits of both users and caregivers. Forms communicate the feeling of home. Uplifting characteristics of white bring lightness to a heavily laden existence. The project includes overnight sleeping and support facilities for homeless men, along with dining, clothing bank, counseling and healthcare facilities for homeless men and women. The design fulfills the request to “please give these homeless men a safe and warm place to sleep – a home, with dignity ... A building with the form of home, an uplifting character and lightness raise the spirit of user and caregiver alike.