JPL Conference Room, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California
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JPL Conference Room
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Pasadena, California
Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s executive conference room is a board room, a meeting space and a destination for JPL’s various visitors. Presently, the conference room is understated and opens onto a compressed corridor. Our team was retained to perform a much-needed renovation.
We seized the opportunity to draw this conference area out of its corner by reconfiguring its point of entry. Consolidating an adjacent collection of small hallways and storage rooms, the main entrance is moved out of the corridor and into a more robust space. The renovation creates a new face for the executive room as well as a buffer zone between the high traffic lobby and the semi-private meeting area.
Folding programmed resin panels are situated to navigate the user through the interior spaces. Borrowing from the room’s existing material and color palette, the resin panels take on a wooden texture. Recognizing JPL’s celebration of innovation and technology, these panels are programmed as a multi-tasking mechanism. They perform as walls, light shelves, benches and doors throughout the conference room and new entry. Digital display screens and ceiling lights glow behind the resin, filling the space with a curious warm orange tinge.