Kirkland Middle School, Lake Washington School District, Kirkland, Washington
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Kirkland Middle School
Lake Washington School District
Kirkland, Washington
  • 2006 Citation Award, Learning By Design
  • 2005 Project of Distinction Award, Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI)
Building masses are organized along two axes - a north-south circulation spine and a "transparent" entry and view axis. At the center is the symbolic heart of the school, the library. A secondary "transparent" axis formed by the angled entry colonnade and commons bisects the library, establishing the entry and emphasizing the connection to and view of the play fields and adjacent Crestwoods Park. As part of an arts focus program, the upper portion of the library's cylindrical form is a student gallery intended for informal gathering and display of student art. Similar classroom wings flank the library, creating a courtyard for use as an entry and outdoor studio for the adjacent art classroom. These wings reduce the apparent mass of the building while supporting a smaller, nurturing environment or "house" concept of learning.