LAUSD Competition: Prototype, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, California
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LAUSD Competition: Prototype
Los Angeles Unified School District
Los Angeles, California
In light of its diminishing budget, the Los Angeles Unified School District ran an open, two-phase competition inviting architects and designers to compose a 30,000 square-foot prototype academic building for a number of pilot schools.
Triplex Complex is composed of three distinct modules, whose shape and form allow for an easy and flexible means of aggregation. The triplexes flow easily off of one another, with minor changes in the system having large implications on the pattern as a whole.
The modules developed from a re-evaluation of the typical 24’x40’ “portables.” While efficient in its means of transport and construction, the portables fail in their ability to expand vertically, navigate around corners on site, and create a niche on an existing campus. The solution stems from the creation of two “end” modules, both of which are carved at precise angles and lengths. The sculpting of Module B and Module C allow the triplexes to contain cavities for vertical and mid-level circulation, and passively ventilating courtyards.
The individual modules of the Triplex Complex would be prefabricated and packaged off site, with machinery placing them on site in much the same way one would pick up a building block and place it on a table. As the shape and form of the triplex dictate the movement of the complex’s pattern, the ease of on-site assembly becomes somewhat of an intuitive exercise.