Mount Si High School, Snoqualmie Valley School District, Snoqualmie, Washington
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Mount Si High School’s new campus is elevated in every sense of the word: educationally, aesthetically, and literally.
Inviting a progressive educational philosophy, four buildings, three stories each, strategically incorporate 2,300 students into interdisciplinary academies. These technology-rich academies, with centrally located shared spaces, encourage student interaction, while also breaking down the scale of the 358,000-square foot school for a more personal feel. Both indoors and outdoors, areas for groups of different sizes, whether studying, gathering, or socializing, support the project-based experiences that help students prepare for college and careers.
Further distinguished by its unique setting, the new school nestles in the shadow of its namesake mountain, as well as within the Snoqualmie River floodway. Innovative design and construction solutions elevate the building above flood levels, not only safeguarding the facility, but also establishing additional outdoor learning space, and maximizing views of the mountain range.