Patsy Clark Mansion, Spokane, Washington
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Patsy Clark Mansion
Spokane, Washington
  • 2004 Best Renovation Project Honorable Mention, Northwest Construction
Built for mining magnate Patsy Clark and his family in 1897, this beloved Spokane landmark was designed by Kirtland K. Cutter, the region’s most celebrated architect. The finest materials and furnishings were incorporated in the 12,000-square-foot, three-story mansion, including sepia sandstone imported from Italy for the exterior and stained-glass windows by Louis Comfort Tiffany. After serving as the Clarks' residence until the mid-1920s, the building passed through a series of owners, at one time housing a popular upscale restaurant. An extensive renovation was undertaken in 2003 to convert the building into offices for a law firm.
NAC Architecture was commissioned to provide design services for general repair and detail work as well as oversee its execution in order to maintain the structure’s historic integrity. On the exterior, masonry walls and verandas were carefully repaired, a handicap-access ramp was sensitively integrated in the main-entrance terrace, and a new roof was installed. Interior work included repairing and refinishing the hardwood floors and intricately carved woodwork; restoring masonry fireplaces; cleaning or replacing elegant wall coverings; and adding a new bathroom, which complements the renovated dining room, on the first floor. Electrical wiring and plumbing were also replaced. The balcony’s cantilevered hallway was sagging due to incorrect installation. To protect the historic gold leaf, plaster and hand-carved beams, the flooring was removed and supports were installed from above. Its original splendor restored, the Patsy Clark Mansion is once again leading a productive life.