Quincy High School, Quincy School District, Quincy, Washington
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Quincy High School
Quincy School District
Quincy, Washington
"Where Agriculture Meets Technology." This statement continues to inspire the identity for Quincy High School. The school's image expresses the technology that is present in the region and the technology that will be integrated in the new school, but also responds to the agricultural context in which it is located. Similar to the farm buildings that surround Quincy, the school is envisioned as a compact collection of structures (or the appearance of multiple structures) positioned to protect outdoor spaces from the elements of the natural environment set within a green landscaped perimeter among the surrounding fields.
An open courtyard is a primary organizing element for the new high school. Academic spaces flank the courtyard on two sides and are connected by a second story bridge that crosses this space called the “outdoor commons.” The school's interior commons is the third component that defines the courtyard. The commons is a central social gathering space for the school, linking the two academic wings and serving as a foyer for the main entry, the auditorium and the gymnasiums. Activities within the commons can spill directly outside to the adjacent outdoor commons space. Administration spaces and the library above are located near the main entry on the west end of the commons.
General classrooms, science labs (an upper level science neighborhood), special services, art, business and computer spaces create the west academic wing. Agricultural and construction fabrication shops are located in the east academic wing with direct access to outdoor storage and yard spaces and easy access for deliveries.
Along the south elevation, the façade is split and pulled apart, allowing the community to see the most important school community space within- the commons. Project rooms are also visible on the exterior, exposing student collaboration spaces and highlighting the importance of collaborative learning in today’s high-tech world.
Like the agricultural structures in the adjacent fields, the massing of the proposed high school is simple and rectangular. Primary exterior materials include masonry and metal panels- materials that are common in the construction of agricultural buildings, but expressed with refined and sophisticated detailing, hinting at a high-tech aesthetic- agriculture meeting technology.