Albert Talley Sr. High School, Renton School District, Renton, Washington
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Albert Talley Sr. High School
Renton School District
Renton, Washington
  • 2014 Grand Prize, Learning By Design
The Albert Talley Sr. High School is an integrated, project-based learning environment in which staff work as a team to identify each student's unique needs and personally empower each student to grow and mature. Significant transparency between spaces facilitates collaboration between students and teachers, while at the same time providing acoustical separation between individual spaces. Natural light is brought deep into the building and classrooms through clerestories above central shared collaboration spaces. As a sustainable prototype for the District, the school implements multiple sustainable strategies to reduce resource use, including geothermal, displacement ventilation and rainwater collection. LED accent lighting at classroom doors and in the central staircase and entry are keyed to energy and water use, allowing building users to see the direct effects of how they use the building.