Snohomish High School, Snohomish School District, Snohomish, Washington
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Snohomish High School
Snohomish School District
Snohomish, Washington
  • 2016 Award of Merit, AIA Washington Council Civic Design Awards
The project pursues the transformation of the school, through the definition and emphasis of exterior negative space and the incorporation of texture, to reveal coherence out of the disorder of the existing campus. The challenge was rejuvenation of an existing campus comprising 17 individual buildings constructed over many different building campaigns. The campus was first established in the 1930's and is the heart and soul of the community. The goal of this project was to create a comprehensive master plan providing coherence and the desired educational relationships for critical functions, while maintaining respect for the historical context and community memory of the school.
The use of brick became a clear mandate as a historical link, a memory. The approach was in two parts. First, organize the new and existing buildings around coherent exterior space, and secondly, provide identity, memory, and assist way finding by utilizing brick architectural markers at circulation and gathering points. Negative space, connectors, and texture markers were abstracted and overlayed on the site plan. New buildings on the west were designed to work with the existing buildings, on the east, to create well-defined exterior space. The result is a re-configuration of buildings into a coherent and functional whole, using the existing qualities of the campus and creating a purposeful learning environment.