Snowdon Elementary School, Cheney Public Schools, Cheney, Washington
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Snowdon Elementary School
Cheney Public Schools
Cheney, Washington
Paying homage to the rich agrarian history of the site, Snowdon Elementary’s design is influenced by the architectural vernacular of the barns that are prevalent in the surrounding farm land. The building’s massing and roof form derives its gables and lofts from these structures, with the palette of materials, proportions, textural imagery and color palettes developed from the cues within the rural landscape, creating spaces that are appropriately scaled for the young students. Remnants of the existing cellar on the property were incorporated into site features near the main entry, with words selected by Phil Snowdon’s family placed in prominent areas of influence, reminding all the importance to LEAD, CONTRIBUTE, RESPECT, LEARN, PLAY and have COURAGE. The 55,500-square-foot school is designed for 500 students, grades PK-5.