Songdu Kindergarten Renovation, Hangzhou, China
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Songdu International Kindergarten


Hangzhou, China

Learning Through Play
The Songdu Kindergarten is a remodel of a three-story building aimed at creating a vibrant, stimulating interior focused on development of the whole child. The design provides many opportunities for students to learn in both formal and informal ways. The entry level is designed to welcome students and parents and immediately encourage exploration and imagination. The thick, curving walls that define the classrooms and support areas provide benches, organically-shaped window openings, and vibrant colors that inspire curiosity and wonder about what’s waiting around the corner or what interesting activity is happening there. The upper floor contains additional classrooms and sleeping areas. The lower level consists of activity rooms, a music hall, and play areas. The activity rooms are specifically designed with core early learning principles in mind, supporting math, construction, science, music, and literacy curricula.
The circulation throughout the building is unique. With slides and sloped climbing walls next to stairways, moving between floors becomes playful. Columns become “treehouses” or “spinning seats,” stair landings double as supports for swings, and the rooms flow from one to another as the entire building becomes a canvas for learning through play.
Rendering, children playing with equipment in play area, link to larger image
Rendering, entry lobby, children and adults, link to larger image
Rendering, stair and play area, link to larger image
Rendering, parents' room, link to larger image
Rendering, toy construction area, link to larger image
Rendering, media perception area, link to larger image
Rendering, science area, link to larger image
floor plan, link to larger image
floor plan, link to larger image