The Spokesman-Review Production Facility, Spokane, Washington
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The Spokesman-Review Production Facility
Spokane, Washington
  • 2004 Award of Honor, AIA Spokane
  • 2003 Robert Fraser Excellence in Masonry Design Award, Masonry Industry Promotion Group
Like its prominent client The Spokesman-Review, NAC Architecture plays a key role in shaping Spokane and the Inland Northwest. The daily newspaper keeps communities abreast of current events while NAC Architecture contributes to the area's architectural profile by creating memorable designs that define the region's character. A 64,734-square-foot addition houses an increasing inventory of sophisticated print production equipment. This expansion brings the facility's total square footage to 238,052. NAC Engineering's cabling infrastructure design ensures that the newspaper's ever-changing telecommunications and power needs are met. The facility's exterior reflects the activities taking place within – an aluminum cylinder that intersects glass planes on the building's facade symbolizes the steel cylinders used throughout the print production process. The addition's design is linked to the Spokesman-Review's landmark tower. Design detail extends to the color of the brick, which is compatible with that of the tower as well as the nearby historic Spokane Club.