Transit Tots East Childcare Center, Sylmar, California
Transit Tots East Childcare Center
Sylmar, California
This facility was designed to accommodate about 70 children: 25% of the space was dedicated to children under two years and 75% to children between two and five years old. Located adjacent to a Metrolink Station, the building integrates the theme of the “Choo-Choo Train.” In addition, mission-style elements were incorporated into the design to meet City of San Fernando requirements. The irregular roof lines of the outdoor storage rooms emulate the silhouette of the mountains that act as a backdrop to the inviting, playful and nurturing facility. During the design process, NAC Architecture worked closely with the City of Los Angeles Child Care Consultant in order to create a special environment for children, balancing the need for the facility to be playful with the functional and regulatory licensing requirements.