Vine Hall, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
Vine Hall
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona
In programming work with the University of Arizona, it became clear that the demand for eco-living had outstripped the level anticipated as the next generation of University of Arizona students brings ever heightened awareness of the use of resources. The Vine Project was conceived to address their demands and serve as a pilot project for the next generation of progressive student residence design, targeting energy savings so far in excess of current LEED design standards that the concept of a Living Building was brought on to provide a new benchmark. Consisting of 12 student communities of 17 students, fully-composted and a net energy exporter, Vine Hall is viewed to be a self-governing entity on the campus, very likely tied to the Environmental College in its curriculum and host to groups within and outside its walls who share an interest in environmental issues. The project recycles all components of the existing residence hall on-site. Vine Residence Hall’s Life-of-Water diagram takes in only storm water and refines all other site water to achieve Net Zero water use. It makes use of special systems and on-site renewables to reduce net electrical demand to zero. Architecturally, the building has a 2-story pedagogical building available to the public, with a 6-story residential building joined to it where the students would live.