Verdugo Jobs Center, Glendale, California
Verdugo Jobs Center
Glendale, California
The Verdugo Jobs Center's goal was to improve the image of job training programs and create a one-stop employment and training center provided by the Employment Development Department, the City of Glendale, and the neighborhood cities. Our vision for this Jobs Center was to offer a professional, friendly and supportive learning environment for the users. We also wanted to provide positive imagery that is emblematic of the social and economic importance of this facility, a place with a legacy of service, support and community commitment toward the workforce. The façade is a merge of surfaces and colors representing the integration of the three agencies. The maroon surface wraps around the north wall along the parking lot, bringing the public to the main entry. In order to balance the dynamics of the main façade, the “green” surface protrudes and is softened by a trellis with vine.
1999 Honor Award, AIA San Fernando Valley