Washington Trust Bank Operations Center, Spokane, Washington
Washington Trust Bank Operations Center
Spokane, Washington
This 41,000-square-foot self-contained data center houses computer operations that support a range of functions, including banking transactions, credit card purchase processing, statement preparation, and training. The building's basic organization comprises two vertical cores – with an open floor plate between them – and a vertical cylinder that serves as a hinge between the cores' horizontal street facades. One of the cores contains conference rooms, an elevator and stairs; the other core houses tape vaults, restrooms, stairs and wiring shafts. Administration and training, all mechanical equipment, and a secure garage are located on the ground floor. The garage provides a secure entry for branch bank transaction deliveries.
The second floor houses data entry stations while the third floor includes computer rooms and a staff lounge. A contemporary brick exterior – enhanced by cast-stone lintels, horizontal bands and accent shapes – complements the architecture of the surrounding neighborhood, which is dominated by older brick commercial and residential buildings. The brick facade also establishes a sense of security and privacy. Built primarily of glass block, the vertical cylinder houses the main stairway. The translucent quality of the glass makes the secure passageway bright and inviting, encouraging use of the stairway instead of the elevator. A raised floor system on the second and third floors facilitates infrastructure upgrades necessary to accommodate future technology.