NAC staff presenting at EDspaces in Kansas City
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2017 News
> Tammie Brown Butler
> Jeff Hyslop
> Laura Kazmierczak
> Melissa McFadgen
> Lauren Scranton
> Boris Srdar
> Saif Vagh
NAC Staff and Clients Have Recently Made Five Presentations at Three Conferences
These conferences include EDspaces in Kansas City, LearningSCAPES in Atlanta, and the ACUHO-I Academic Initiatives Conference in Atlanta. Feedback has been very positive, and we're grateful to have had these opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge:
  • "Inspired By Design" - Boris Srdar, Laura Kazmierczak, Lauren Scranton
  • "Creating A New Early Learning Environment? Learn How to Navigate the Design and Construction of Educational Environments for Pre-K Students" - Melissa McFadgen and Barbara Sattler (Central Valley School District)
  • "Designing for Diversity" - Saif Vagh, Lauren Scranton, Davin Brown (Folsom Lake College)
  • "Building Design + Human Behavior" - Lauren Scranton, Linda Scheu (University of Arizona), Alex Dubois (University of Arizona)
  • "Community by Design: Building Relationships Through Intentional Planning" - Jeff Hyslop and Tammie Brown Butler