Students and teachers experience outdoor environmental learning at Hazel Wolf K-8 E-STEM School, Link to Inspiring Creativity Symposium registration information
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2018 News
Hazel Wolf K-8 E-STEM School
Seattle Public Schools
Seattle, Washington
NAC Will Join Forces with A4LE for Educational Symposium on Environmental Learning
Hazel Wolf K-8 E-STEM School Symposium
Inspiring Curiosity: The Educational and Developmental Benefits of Environmental Learning
March 3, 2018
8:30 am to 5:00 pm
11530 12th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125
When the formal learning process moves from the traditional classroom into a natural environment, the benefits add up. Students bring a wealth of knowledge and curiosity to outdoor learning, and no lesson plan can rival when a student experiences a connection with the complexities of the natural world.
This symposium will identify and examine the broader educational and social-emotional benefits of environmental learning. Attendees will explore Seattle Public Schools’ Hazel Wolf K-8 ESTEM School, and learn first-hand how a pioneering program focused on environmental learning was successfully accommodated in a challenging urban setting. Discussions will explain the relationship between biophilic design principles and environmental learning, revealing numerous benefits.
Presentations and discussions will focus on the stimulating role that environmental STEM subjects play in increasing the relevance of students’ inquiries, and demonstrate the planning process that went into establishing such a groundbreaking program. Attendees will be able to examine the teaching experience through the lens of the science coordinator, now that Hazel Wolf is in its second year of operation.