Riverfront Park Looff Carrousel Facility, City of Spokane, Washington
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Riverfront Park Looff Carrousel Facility
City of Spokane, Washington
NAC is working with the City of Spokane Parks and Recreation Division to design a new home for Riverfront Park's historic Looff Carrousel, one of the country's most beautiful and well-preserved, hand-carved wooden carrousels. It is much more than an amusement ride. It is an amazing touchstone for thousands of wonderful memories dating back to its origins in 1909 at Natatorium Park and still thriving today in Riverfront Park. As such it has been embraced by the hearts of many Spokane generations who recall the Carrousel with pure joy. It still excites, inspires, and makes smile thousands of children, parents and grandparents with its universal appeal. But it needs a new home better than its present converted Bavarian beer parlor, a home that measures up to those fond memories, and to the beauty of this amazing artifact.
The primary goals of the project are to maximize the public's experience with the Looff Carrousel at Riverfront Park, optimize storytelling, ongoing operations, and the longevity and protection of the wood carrousel carvings with high performing mechanical systems. NAC participated in an innovative and inclusive public design process, incorporating the public input with the goal to produce a final design responsive to the citizen-directed vision outlined in the Riverfront Park Master Plan.
The new, 12,300 square-foot facility will include a party/event room, concessions, a catering kitchen, gift shop and observation and queuing spaces in the carrousel room. Exhibits that highlight the Looff Carrousel's fascinating history will be located throughout the new facility. The design maximizes visibility from within looking toward the river and park, while celebrating its external visibility, drawing park visitors to the carrousel.
Lighted carrousel at night, reflected on river, city in background, Link to larger image
Lighted carrousel at night, reflected on river, Link to larger image
Lighted carrousel at night, landscaping, river walk, Link to larger image
Exterior entry, children playing, Link to larger image
Building exterior, park in background, Link to larger image
People waiting in line, carrousel in action, Link to larger image
Carrousel, window daylighting, Link to larger image
Children on carrosel and waiting in line, Link to larger image
Children on moving carrosel, view out window of river and riverwalk, Link to larger image