Tillicum Middle School Replacement, Bellevue School District, Bellevue, Washington
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Tillicum Middle School Replacement
Bellevue School District
Bellevue, Washington
The new Tillicum Middle School will double capacity at this site to 1200 students while providing 21st Century learning environments, and a highly energy efficient facility. Sited on a tight 18.1 acre site, the 150,000 square-foot proposed building comprises a 3-story academic wing to the south; with administration, commons, PE areas and music to the north. The selected scheme, "Marketplace of Learning," organizes Science, CTE, Art, Library, and core classrooms around a flexible shared space, and puts learning on display.
This scheme was selected by the design committee for encouraging collaboration and the mixing of their staff and students. The design connects programs, allows for grade level houses, and still easily accommodates mixed grade programs. The grouping of science, CTE and art encourages further growth and development of STEM and STEAM learning programs.
The three stories interconnect visually in this shared area with a 3-story tall volume to the south and a two story tall courtyard to the north that brings daylight to the Library, Science Classrooms, and Commons as well as to the shared learning area. While providing acoustical separation the courtyard allow views from the entry and commons into the academic area where learning is put on display.
The commons opens to a large active courtyard, while the ellipsoidal mass of the stage echoes the volume of the courtyard to the south. A green roof over the Administration area is accessible from the top floor where a balcony looks down into the commons, further animating that space.